Saturday, September 25, 2010

How to make you computer faster!

Here is a small tutorial to increase your computer speed, all I'm going to write is what I learned over the years.
Specific tutorial is for Windows XP, I do not know how its done on Vista or Win7.

Ok, lets get started.

1. Click ''Start'' button, after it opens up click ''Run''. 

2. Type ''MSCONFIG'' and press ''OK'' , this will bring up ''System Configuration Utility'' window, where we move on our next step.

3. After you opened up ''System Configuration Utility'' window select ''Services'' tab.
You will see a list of all kind of services there and before you do anything check the ''Hide all Microsoft Services''at the bottom of the page, this will hide all things that are you DONT want to shutdown.
Now if you have a lot of things installed that you dont use it will just eat your memory and slow down your PC, lets see how to disable them.
Uncheck all programs that you dont use that often, or other programs that you did not even know they exist and click ''Apply'' or ''OK'' (''U redu'' button on picture).
Now lets move to last step. (do not restart your PC yet)

 4. Click ''Startup'' Tab, same as 3rd step uncheck programs that you don't want to run on startup (Your PC will start up and be ready for use with less programs you have)
After you are dont with it press ''OK'' and a window will pop out asking you if you want to restart your computer now, my advice is to restart it.

There you have it, a faster PC, enjoj.
If you have any questions write in the comments. 


  1. looking forward to the next update...

  2. wow i didnt know how many programs i had on my startup, thanx broski

  3. YOu can close whatever you want in startup. If you close something what is needed it will be redone anew. But Services is a other thing. If you don't know what you are doing then don't touch that.

  4. That works for Vista and Win7 as well.

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  6. cool post, keep up the good work and check out my SC2 strategy guide if you got the time ;)

  7. Another alternative is to just buy windows 7 :D

  8. this is a good post that makes me want to come back for more

  9. sorry guys, didnt had time before, ill try to make another one today, also im getting win7 today.
    And no, sorry Aspect...