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Guild ward interview

In rising conversations, Albert Liao Tower Talk, brave designer guild wars 2 wartower colleagues. Major world events warm dynamic system that affect the nature of the story. The ordinal part of Fair Share Frogster terraces gamescom Henning Schmidt reported a overladen combat system.

Colleagues from wartower týždeňde a very extraordinary price healthy gamescom canceled 2010thThe end of the year. Last discussion tower to introduce an interview with Albert Liao, game designer.

gold guild wars 2 It is not only delighted with the atmosphere and the Cologne Fair, the reaction from fans, but also remember to report continual world dinamichenEvent sing utjecajPovijest system characterhim.

But this would be the biggest enemy guild wars 2. "Believe us, demon, so you get more - much, much more. "The price of our report, self-satisfied smile. Shatterer of lightning to attack the player and always creating novel derivatives of small-scale unshared character. While opponents of the key players in the pot with dragon melee attack another position on the edge, where the heavy guns are installed. If Shatterers subordinates to try this weapon is fired the principal enemies to destroy. Players must fail-safe the weapon. If not, you will automatically receive a hot role for protection of the troops reinforcements to repair the weapon again. Therefore, complete athletes take a look stable. Joining forces to overthrow the Shatterer players from this part of the country. "But we think it will be again. "Price says at the end.


Read the words.

The ordinal part is specifically designed for gamescom Frog Rochester Henning Schmidt, action-packed battles system of terraces, which eventually enlivened MMORPG goals, dismiss his enemies as efficiently as affirmable. Which skills can be used, but there is a contemporary system in the elect class and skills dangerous.

23-minute goals wartower colleagues GamesCom height of the tower negotiations. serce

Far this year instead of a multi-part video Wartower guild wars 2 2010thGamescom get straightforward show.

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Space Invaders

Added mini-game on left sidebar, so you can play while waiting new posts :D
If you guys have some requests for tutorials (win xp), send them to , and please no ''show me how to hack'' or ''how do i modify my calculator into a weapon of doom and destruction''.
Also vote in that pool.

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How to use fraps and convert videos

Fraps, gaming and youtube,if you got awesome skills in some game its time to show it to the world :D
After this tutorial you will be able to record and convert your Fraps videos.
In this tutorial i used full version of Frap's, in trial version you can record only for 30 seconds.

Programs you will need:
Fraps -
VirtualDub -

Lets start

1. Install the programs from above.
2. Start fraps
3. Go to ''Movies'' tab.

Here we have a few settings, first you wanna do is select the folder where your videos will be saved, make sure you have a lot of space on your hard drive.
Change your ''Video capture hotkey'' , its best to use F1-F12 buttons because not much games use those keys.
Now, if you want your video to run smooth select 30fps in ''Video capture settings'', and ''Full-size'' if you want a really good quality, but people usually go with ''Half-size'' because it doesn't take so much space on your hard drive and its still decent quality when you upload it.
There are few more settings for sound. If you want your in-game sound to be recorded check ''Record sound'' box.

4. Record your video.

5. Open VirtualDub.

6. Go to folder where you saved your video and drag-and-drop your video in VirtualDub.

7. Now click ''Video'' tab and then click ''compression''.

8. Here you need to select codec you want your video to be converted with, I use ''Xvid MPEG-4 codec'' but it really depends on what you have.

9. After you selected your codec click on ''Configure'' button. Now in ''Target quantizer'' box type a number from 1 to 31 or move the slider under the box around, ''1'' meaning best quality but big file size and ''31'' meaning poor quality but small file size.
I usually set it around ''10''.
Now once you are done with that click ''Ok'' and ''Ok'' once more.

10. Last step. Click ''File'' and then ''Save as AVI'...'' or use F7 hotkey. Select the folder where you want to save it and press ''Save''. Now VirtualDub will start converting your video. Once its finished you will have video that can be uploaded on YouTube or wherever you want.

Woohoo you have your video for upload, if you used this tutorial to create your video post link below in the comments section.

Enjoj guys, Xaier